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Al Nahar TV

Al Nahar TV started broadcasting in 2011. A satellite TV, it belongs to the Al Nahar Channels Network, which includes Al Nahar Al Youm, Al Nahar Drama, Al Nahar Cinema, and Al Nahar Noor. Al Nahar TV broadcasts political, economic, religious and artistic programs, entertainment, movies and TV series.

In 2016, businessman Alaa El-Kahki (link to profile) announced that his companies will invest 1.6 billion EGP (almost 89,500,000 USD) in the media sector. The same year, Al Nahar TV was supposed to merge with CBC Network to reduce the expenses of both networks and expend to the Arabian Gulf. But in May 2017, the owner of CBC Network, Future Media Holding, ended the merger "because of the difference in visions, channel management policies and media companies”. CBC Network was then bought by the Egyptian Media Company (link to the profile).

Al Nahar Network is currently headed by Amr Al-Laithi, who was appointed in September 2018. One of Egypt television and radio celebrity, Al-Laithi faced pressures in 2016 after he interviewed a contributor who was critical of the current Egyptian economic situation on his show “Wahed Men Al Nass” (One of the people). A former adviser of President Mohamed Morsi in 2012, Al-Laithi worked as a director of the third channel of the Egyptian Television (1988 –1991). He then became general manager of MBC channel in London (1991 - 1999). Al-Laithi began to present television programs with the program “Ikhtrak” (Breakthrough) in the Egyptian TV from 2001 to 2010.

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Alaa El-Kahki owns most of shares of Trenta company, which owns Al Nahar channels Network. However, the number of shareholders is unknown.

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Walid Mustafa, is an Egyptian businessman.


Tarek Seyam, is the Ceo of Al Nahar TV network. He is a producer and was appointed as chairman of Al Nahar TV Network in April 2018. Since 1984, He has gained great experience in Media and production field.


Amr Al-Laithi, is the head of Al Nahar Network. He has been appointed since the beginning of September 2018. Al Leithi is one of the well-known program presenters. He faced pressures because of his program “Wahed Men Al Nass” (One of the people), in 2016,

Other Important People

Amr El-Kahki,
is Alaa El-Kahki’s brother and was the managing director of Al Nahar Network. He now works for Al Hurra TV as their Director of Programming.


6th Of October Road, Media Production City

11111 Cairo

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