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Extra News

Extra News is a private Arabic speaking Egyptian news channel, offering free content. It was launched on 20 December 2016, from the Media Production City. It provides a variety of news content, through five main news bulletins and news coverage 24 hours a day. It is a non-stop news channel, which covers the political, social, cultural, artistic, sports and economic activities at the national, regional and international levels. The channel has a strong network of correspondents in Egypt and the world's important cities.

Extra News is the result of the merger of Al Nahar Al Youm and CBC Extra channels when Al Nahar TV Network and Future TV Network (CBC) were supposed to merge in 2016. But this merger ended in May 2017 and the ownership of Extra News was transferred to the CBC network.

In September 2018, the Egyptian Media Company, owned by the investment group Eagle Capital acquired the controlling stake of 51% of Future Group Holding which owns Capital Broadcasting Center (CBC).

The Director of Extra News is Albert Shafiq, one of the pioneers of the media industry in Egypt who directed Al Nahar television network before the merger. Once the merger ended, he remained the head of Extra News, in addition to taking responsibility for the news content of Al Nahar Television Network. The Chairman of Extra News is Tamer Morsi, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Media Company, who also heads the board of directors of Future Holding Group Egyptian Media Group acquired it.

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Future Group Holding


Ownership Structure

Extra News is owned by the Egyptian Media Group. The Egyptian Media Group has several shareholders: General Intelligence owns directly the majority of shares through their ownership of Eagle Capital; Mohamed Al-Amin owns 49% of Future Media Holding which holds an unknown amount of shares of Egyptian Media Company; Tamer Morsi owns 50% of SEnergy, which holds an unknown amount of shares of Egyptian Media Company; and Abu Ali owns 50% of Misr for Cinema, which holds an unknown amount of shares of Egyptian Media Company.

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Mohamed Al-Amin, is a prominent Egyptian businessman.


Tamer Morsi, is one of the Egypt most prominent and successful TV drama producers, Morsi was appointed Chairman of the board of directors of the Egyptian Media Group in February 2018. 


Albert Shafiq, is one of the pioneers of modern media in Egypt. He worked as a technical director for OTV channel in 2006, and became the director of ONTV news channel in 2009, the first Egyptian private news channel. He founded and directed ONTV Live in

Other Important People

Dalia Khorshid ,
ist the Former Minister of Investment and Chairman of Eagle Capital Investment Group, which owns Egyptian Media Group, which holds the controlling stake in the Future Holding Group, that is the owner of and the Future Television Network.

Alaa El-Kahki,
is a businessman and the chairman of Al Nahar TV network.


Madient Al Entag Al Aalamy,

6th of October City

Phone: 33331000 /01143211888


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