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The State

The State

The State owns most of the broadcast media and print distribution networks in Egypt. It also leaves the management of the State-owned institutions to the executive authority through the National Media Authority (NMA) and the National Press Authority established in 2018. 

On 20 January, 2019, the NMA signed several protocols with the Egyptian Media Group to launch a new satellite TV channel for the Arab region. It will be the first satellite TV which broadcasts throughout the Arab world aired through the Egyptian State-owned Nile Sat. The NMA and EMG also agreed to upgrade and develop content on the State-owned TV Channel 1 and Channel 2, as well as the Egyptian satellite channel Al-Masriya. According to the deal, advertising rights will be upgraded and developed. This extends the control of the EMG to the State-owned media sector, reinforcing the influence of the General Intelligence over the TV landscape in Egypt.  

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