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Since the 2011 revolution, the Egyptian media has known dramatic changes, especially in the print sector where the number of titles were significantly reduced, losing 4 0% of its titles between 2011 and 2017. 

TV remains the most popular platform 

Nearly all Egyptians watch TV. However, they are less likely to use other types of offline media. For example, only a third listen to the radio (33%) and only 1 out of 6 read newspapers (16%). While online media is getting popular, smartphone ownership is however lower in Egypt than in other countries of the region with almost 60% of the Egyptian owning a smartphone.  

News consumption online and on TV 

Almost half of the Egyptians say online sources are generally important for news and information (47%) and almost three out of four Egyptians are more likely to watch news online (72%). But the low internet penetration leaves TV by far as the most important source for news and information (75%). Egyptians also express much more interest in local and national news than news from outside the country. 

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