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Al Masry Al Youm Website

Al-Masry Al-Youm is the online version of Al-Masry Al-Youm daily newspaper. While its launch date is unknown, it was first aimed at publishing the articles of the printed newspaper. But the website acquired separate newsroom and editorial team after the 2011 revolution. However, the information available does not separate the editorial management of the newspaper and the website.

Al-Masry Al-Youm is owned by businessman Salah Diab. However it is unknown how many shares he owns and if there are any other shareholders.

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Al Masry Establishment for Press, Printing and Publishing


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Salah Diab, is a well-known businessman who founded Al Masry Al Youm in 2003. Diab was a member of the liberal Wafd Supreme Committee. Before being arrested in 2015, the US Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared that it is following his casesince he ha


Abd El Monem Saeid, was a well-known writer of the former President Mubarak's time; he held several positions including the Chairman of the Al Ahram foundation Board that's owned by the state and the head of the Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategi


Abdellatif El Minnawy, was appointed in September, 2018 as the Editoe-In-Chief Officer-in-Charge of Al Masry Al Youm. Prior to that he was the Managing Director of the newspaper. El Minnawy had management experience on state television, where he took ove


49 Al-Mubtadayan Street

Kasr Al-Aini, Cairo

Telephone: 0227980100


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