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Al Youm Al Sabea (Youm7)

Al Youm Al Sabea (Youm7) has the same editorial management as the daily print Al Youm Al Sabea. However, it publishes a different content, covering a variety of topics such as politics, economy, art, sports, but also some of the daily newspaper articles and reporting. News are updated regularly throughout the day.

Al Youm Al Sabea (Youm7) is considered one of the most prominent sites, often providing content supporting Al-Sisi presidency. It has published articles critical of civil society and political movements.

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The Egyptian Company for Press, Publication and Advertising


Ownership Structure

Al Youm Al Sabea (Youm 7) is owned by the The Egyptian Company for Press, Publication and Advertising, which is owned by Egyptian Media Group. The Egyptian Media Group has several shareholders: General Intelligence owns directly the majority of shares through their ownership of Eagle Capital; Mohamed Al-Amin owns 49% of Future Media Holding which holds an unknown amount of shares of Egyptian Media Company; Tamer Morsi owns 50% of SEnergy, which holds an unknown amount of shares of Egyptian Media Company; and Abu Ali owns 50% of Misr for Cinema, which holds an unknown amount of shares of Egyptian Media Company.

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Walid Moustafa, is a businessman and founder of Al Youm Al Sabea and Al Nahar Network.


Khaled Salah, graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University in 1993, and worked as a journalist and writer of view articles. The most prominent of his professional stages before he took over the post of editor-in-chief of Al Youm Al


Khaled Salah, see above.

Other Important People

Dandarawi al-Hawari (Executive Editor-in-Chief),
is a columnist who was known to attack political groups and human rights organizations in his articles. Recently, charges of sexual harassment have been raised against him and the victim has not been able to prosecute him because of his widespread influence in the current circles of power.


54 El Batal Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street

Mohandeseen, Giza

Telephone: 0233358477


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In the course of the study (August to December 2018), Al Youm Al Sabea ranked 6th in the Alexa list of the 50 most visited websites in Egypt. There are no official numbers of visits to the website. As of mid-september, Al Youm Al Sabea had F14,163,913 on Facebook, 7,442,278 on Twitter and 2,013,774 on YouTube.

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