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Akhbar Al Youm Foundation

Akhbar Al Youm Foundation

Akhbar Al Youm Foundation was founded in 1905. It is the second oldest Egyptian State-owned press organization after Al Ahram Establishment.  It owns several publications, agencies and companies. Its board of directors is headed by journalist Yasser Rezk. According to the recent adopted media laws, the National Press Authority manages it by selecting its boards of directors, editors-in-chief, and the rules to appoint officials. Like any state-owned organization, Akhbar Al Youm Foundation is subject to the supervision of several state agencies such as the Central Auditing Organization and the Administrative Control Authority.

Akhbar Al Youm Foundation’s flagship publication is the daily Al Akhbar, founded in 1944 as a private newspaper. With the promulgation of the Press Regulation Law in May 1960 and the promulgation of the Press Institutions Law in March 1964, Akhbar Al Youm  was nationalized along with other publications such as Dar Al Hilal, Rose Al Yousef and Al Ahram.

Besides Al Akhbar daily newspaper the Akhbar Al Youm Foundation owns Akhbar Al Youm weekly newspaper, Akher Saa magazine, the crime news magazine Akhbar Al Hwadeth, people magazine Akhbar Al Negoom, and the Egyptian culture magazine Akhbar Al Adab. It also publishes  the sports magazine Akhbar Al Ryada, the religious newspaper Al Lewaa Al Islami. Akhbar Al Youm Foundation also publishes the monthly Fares magazine for children and several periodicals: Kittab Al Youm (litterally "Book of the day"), Kittab Al Youm Al Tebi ("The medical book of the day") as well as Braille News, targeting blind readers.

Akhbar Al Youm Foundation has released  two digital platforms: "Last-Minute", an application gathering all the deadlines of Egyptian media outlets, and  AR News, which links print press to online through a reality simulation technology application. Among all the websites affiliated to each of the above-mentioned publications, the most important is the online version of  Akhbar Al Youm, which is headed by the editor-in-chief, Mohammed Al-Bahnasawi.

Akhbar Al Youm Foundation also owns a number of leading agencies and companies in the field of press publishing, printing and distribution, which are: Al Akhbar Advertising Agency, Al Akhbar Distribution Agency, Akhbar Al Youm Printing House, Akhbar Al Youm Training Center, Akhbar Al Youm Investment Company, Dar Mayo for Press and Publishing, Akhbar Al Youm Academy, and Akhbar Al Youm Schools.

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National Media Authority

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Akhbar Al Youm Foundation operates in the field of press publishing, printing and distribution as well as advertising and education. 


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Media Outlets
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Al Akhbar

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Publication & Distribution 

 Al Akhbar Distribution Agency


 Al Akhbar Advertising Agency


 Akhbar Al Youm Training Center

Akhbar Al Youm Academy

Akhbar Al Youm Schools Financial products 

 Akhbar Al Youm Investment Company

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Mustafa and Ali Amin


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Akhbar Al Youm Foundation

6 Al Sahafa Street


Phone: +202-7211 2578

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