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Mohamed Abu El Enein

Mohamed Abu El Enein

Mohammed Abu Al Enein is one of Egypt most prominent businessmen. The owner and Chairman of Cleopatra Group, he recently won the African Union's Best Maker Award in Africa.

Abu Al Enein has close ties associated with the regime of former President Mubarak ,and was a prominent member of the National Democratic Party's policy committee. He held several important political and economic positions and was also able to maintain his membership in the parliament for the southern Giza constituency for more than two decades. During his term as an MP, he was elected head of a number of parliamentary committees.

A pioneer in investing in mega projects in Egypt, Abu Al Enein was the first investor, producer and exporter in a number of projects, such as: The Gulf of Suez project, the Northern Sinai Agricultural Development Project and East of Al Awainat Reclamation and Agriculture Project. He also entered the high-tech industries sector and established the first smart card factory in the region.

After the 2011 revolution, Al Enein was subjected to several charges, the most important of which were accusations of financial corruption and seizure of state land. His name was on the travel ban lists issued by Attorney-General Abdel-Meguid Mahmoud at the time, along with a number of prominent politicians and businessmen in Egypt. He has been subjected to numerous legal complaints relating to his commercial and investment activities, as there were suspicions of financial corruption through the facilities he was granted by virtue of his political status.

Abu Al Enein still enjoys a very good relationship with the current Egyptian political administration. Sada El Balad channel, which he owns, along with its media professionals are among the biggest supporters of Egypt's political system, particularly President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The Egyptian administration has granted the channel the exclusive right to broadcast the proceedings of the trial of former President Mubarak, known by the media as the trial of the century.

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