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Sada El Balad Channel

Sada El Balad is a private, free, Arabic-language satellite channel. It started broadcasting on an experimental basis in 2011 from the Media Production City. The channel covers Egyptian, Arab and international news.

Sada El Balad channel is owned by Cleopatra Media, the company responsible for the media investments of the multinational Cleopatra Group. As such, the owner, founder and Chairman of the Group, Mohamed Abou El Enein, also chairs Saada El Balad network and website. The CEO is El Enein’s media advisor, Elham Abu El Fath, and former print journalist Islam Afifi, is the director of programs.

As of 2015, the most popular shows were the program "On my responsibility" hosted by Ahmed Moussa, "With Shobeer" hosted by the member of the Egyptian Football Association Ahmed Shobeer, and the show of journalist and parliamentarian Mustafa Bakri.

Sada El Balad - through its owner and management – is known to be a supporter of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. The Egyptian administration has given Sada El Balad channel the exclusive right to screen the proceedings of the trial of former President Mubarak, known by the media as the trial of the century.

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Cleopatra Media Company


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Cleopatra Media is one of the Cleopatra Group companies owned by businessman Mohammed Abu Al Enein.

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Mohamed Abou El Enein, is the founder and chairman of Cleopatra Group and former head of the Industry and Energy Committee of the Egyptian parliament. He held several important positions before the January 2011 revolution. He was accused in several cases


Mohamed Abou El Enein, see above.


Elham Abu El Fath, is the managing editor of the state-owned Al Akhbar newspaper. She is the managing director of Cleopatra Media Company. She is also the head of Sada El Balad channels network, and the general supervisor of the website.

Other Important People

Anas Al Feki,
is the former Information Minister in the era of former President Mubarak. He was accused in several financial corruption cases after the revolution of January 2011, but he was not convicted in any of them and he returned to work again through Sada El Balad.

Ahmed Moussa,
is one of the most prominent media professionals close to the presidency and President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi personally. His daily program "On my responsibility" is a platform for the defense of the President and his regime and the demonization of all that belongs to political Islam or youth movements that were part of the revolution. His program is one of the most watched programs in Egypt, and he spent most of his life as a reporter for Al-Ahram newspaper at the Ministry of Interior.

Mustafa Bakri,
is one of the most prominent journalists and parliamentarians in the last four decades. He is a journalist who was very close to all successive political regimes, with its differences, even though his relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood has seen an alliance and then a struggle. He has extensive relations with the military establishment, the former Marshal of the Egyptian army, Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, and most members of the military council. He founded Al Esboa newspaper and was its editor-in-chief for decades.


6 octobor road, inside Madient Al Entag Al Aalamy

6th of October City, Giza Governorate

Phone: 02-33380115, 02-37621120, 02-33373723

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