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TV is still the most prominent medium for news in Egypt with 96% of them watching TV. TV was first established as a state-owned media in 1960 and has remained under heavy state-control since then. Egyptians consume TV almost exclusively in Arabic (96% Arabic, 6% English). The TV news viewership declined steadily over the past five years. t It is estimated that 77% of Egyptians are using TV to get news. By comparison, 22% get their news from newspapers and 30% from the radio.   

The State is still the main TV owner of the country and the recent acquisitions of TV networks by the Egyptian Media Group (EMG) reinforces the influence of supporters of al-Sisi's regime on the public opinion. 

The TV sector is regulated by the National Media Authority, which also appoints the top management of all State-owned TV channels. 

Out of the ten TV stations surveyed, six belong to the state (Al Oula, Al Thenya and Nile News) or are owned by the Egyptian Media Group (EMG) closely linked to the General Intelligence (Al HayahOn EExtra News). One is owned by a prominent businessman who worked with the state television on advertising contracts (Al Nahar TV), two others belong to businessmen who were close to the Mubarak regime (Dream TV and Sada El Balad Channel) and one belongs to an international group based in Dubai (MBC Masr).  

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