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Al Oula

Al Oula is a state-owned TV channel that is managed by the National Media Authority. It started broadcast for 5 hours a day in July 1960. After the Six Day War of 1967, Egypt limited Al Oula and Al Thanya TV broadcast for economic reasons until the beginning of the 1980’s. Al Oula broadcast free content, mainly news and current affairs bulletins, as well as entertainment.

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National Media Authority


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Al Oula is owned by the State. As such, it is managed by the National Media Authority.

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The State


Naela Farouk, was appointed Head of the Television Sector by the National Media Authority in 2018.


Khaled Quabeel, is the current President of Al Oula channel. He was appointed vice president of Al Oula channel in September 2017.

Other Important People

Hussein Zein,
is President of the National Media Authority; he took office in April 2017, by a decision of the President Sisi. This was the first time that the National Media Authority was formed in accordance with the provisions of the 2014 Constitution, which abolished the Ministry of Information.


Radio and Television Building

Nile Corniche, Cairo

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