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Dream TV

Dream TV was the first private television of the country. It was founded in 2002 by businessman Ahmed Bahgat, the head of the Bahgat group and owner of Dreamland leisure and residential complex near Cairo. According to press reports, Ahmed Bahgat is the owner and chairman of the Dream Channels.

Dream TV is known to have supported the popular uprising during the Egyptian Arab Spring of 2011. In September 2018, Bahgat announced that Dream TV would partner with one of the state's entities, although, in a 2016 interview, he criticized the state control over the media, saying that the Chairman of Egyptian Media Company, Ahmed Abu Hashima, was” just a front”, as “he does not know anything about the media”.

Dream Channel broadcasts free content and covers political issues and entertainment. Dream has expanded since its inception by launching two channels (Dream 1 and Dream 2). Dream 2 closed and Dream 1 changed its name to Dream TV. “Al Ashera Masaan”, a talk show that focuses on public affairs, is one of the most popular show of Dream TV.

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Dream TV fully belongs to Ahmad Bahgat. 

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Ahmed Bahgat, is an Egyptian businessman and holds US citizenship. He owns Dream Group and Bahgat Group, each with several companies including factories, amusement park and hotels.Media reports have accused Bahgat of entering into a partnership with the


Ahmed Bahgat, see above.


Mohamed Khedr, is also the President of the Dream Channel.


23 Boulos Hanna Street

Dokki, Giza

Phone: 0238582302


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