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Al Akhbar

Al Akhbar is one of the leading daily state-owned newspapers in Egypt. Published in Arabic-language, it has a circulation of 90,000 copies per day, making it the most popular Egyptian daily after Al Ahram. Its board of directors is headed by Yasser Rezk, a journalist close to the military establishment. Its editor-in-chief is journalist and current member of the journalists syndicate’s board, Khaled Miri. Al Akhbar is published by the state-owned Akhbar Al Youm Foundation, which owns many publications, agencies and companies. Like any other state-owned newspaper in Egypt, it is managed by the National Press Authority, which appoints its management team.

Since 2013,  the distribution of the newspaper has dramatically declined. It is estimated that before the revolution, the distribution of the week-end issue of Al Ahram and Akhbar Al Youm exceeded half a million copies.

Al Akhbar was launched as a private newspaper under the name Akhbar Al Youm in 1944 by the brothers Mustafa and Ali Amin. It was nationalized in May 1960 after the law for the nationalization of the press was issued. A journalist for Al Ethneen (Monday) magazine, Mustafa Amin launched it with the support of Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ahmed Pasha. Akhbar Al Youm was widely circulated thanks to a large propaganda campaign including drawings of the popular cartoonist Rakha.

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Akhbar Al Youm Foundation


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Al Akhbar is a state-owned newspaper. As such, it is managed by the National Press Authority.

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Mustafa and Ali Amin, Al-Akhbar started as a private newspaper founded by the brothers: Mostafa Amin and Ali Amin in 1944. In May 1944, Akhbar el-Youm House was nationalized, with all its publications including "Akher Sa'a" magazine that “Mustafa Amin b


Yasser Rezk, is a journalist with close ties to the military in Egypt. Yasser Rezk began his career with the national institution of Akhbar Al youm - for 30 years since he was a student in the first year of the Faculty of The Faculty of Mass Communicati


Khaled Miri, is is a journalist and a current member of the journalists syndicate’s board.

Other Important People

Karam Gabr,
is the head of the National Press Authority. As such, he is responsible for the management of all national press institutions in Egypt. He appoints the persons in charge of the newspapers.


Akhbar Al Youm Foundation

6 Al Sahafa Street, Cairo

Phone: +202-7211 2578

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